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Life happens. We all know that. In fact, that is one of the primary reasons many of choose the tiny house on wheels lifestyle. When transition comes we can just load up, hitch up, and head out. Sometimes though the place we have been living is far more tolerant and keyed in to the THOW lifestyle. Such is the case with Tiffany who is headed to the Washington DC area where there is a fair amount of confusion and dispute about living tiny in the metro area. That said, Tiffany is having to sell her beautiful, 18′ long, Tumbleweed Elm.

Built in 2015, the 18’x8’x13′ tiny house on wheels is certainly road worthy having been moved from California to Texas to North Carolina with no issues. It is a bittersweet sale but one that could put you in a $70,000+ home for considerably less.

The tiny house has 3 sky lights,  a composting toilet, a European style washer/dryer unit, and ample storage built into the stairs! You can see the full listing

on Tiny House Listings and on Craigslist.

A full custom quote copy from the original build is available upon request.