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For a year or more now there has been quite a bit of press regarding tiny houses being used as semi-permanent and transitional housing for homeless populations and veterans. It seems that more and more states are allowing this type of construction to take place despite their stubbornness regarding tiny houses as permanent homes. Such is the case with North Carolina and the 501c3 Tiny Houses Greensboro.

Tiny Houses Greensboro is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization working to develop Tiny House Communities that will consist of 3 – 6 units on individual lots. The tiny houses will be rented to residents based on their income and current living situation. THG will work with local nonprofits housing organizations that will assist in qualifying potential residents. Residents will be required to participate in construction and other volunteer opportunities with THG. Tiny Houses Greensboro intent is to be a long term transitional housing situation for those experiencing homelessness. THG is also working with the City of Greensboro to develop land, building codes, and zoning as well as working toward funding options and community partnerships that impact future development and progress.

To date the organization has held several successful fundraisers, work days, and more! They have developed partnerships with both the city and private business sector. In fact, on July 20, THG is hosting a groundbreaking ceremony on their Causey Street property, which will serve as the first tiny house community in North Carolina to address permanent affordable housing and homelessness.The event begins at 10am.

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