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Surely you have dreamed of down-sizing your life. Why else would you be here? Now is an opportunity for you to hear from someone who has done just such a thing.

Laura M. LaVoie is a freelance writer and blogger living in a 120 sq.ft. cabin with her partner, Matt, and their Sphynx cat, Piglet. Laura and Matt built the tiny house with their own hands after researching several types of alternative building techniques including cordwood masonry and earthships. They decided on a small house though because the Tiny House Movement matched their values and lifestyle perfectly. They began building the house in the mountains of North Carolina in 2009 and construction took three years as they lived and worked in Atlanta and would travel and build on weekends. Now Laura, Matt, and Piglet live and work in the tiny house full time.

LaVoie and Matt both have been featured speakers at the Tiny House Conference and Laura was recently a contributing author to the popular book Turning Tiny.

The event on September 10 and September 11 is being sponsored by the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, NC and features tiny home owners from the Carolinas and beyond including Migration Tiny Homes, Hummingbird Tiny Housing, and The Village of Wildflowers. Other vendors include Accelerate Solar and CLT Mobile Boutique (Sunday only).

Laura and Matt are speaking from 1:30pm to 2:30pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

For more information call (704) 825-4490 or email directly.