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There was an article written on Tiny House Blog back in September title The Role of Vendors At The Faire. The article led off with:

From composting toilets to solar panel distributors to essential oil representatives, tiny house festivals, conferences, and jamborees, typically have a wide variety of purveyors, ready to share with you a product or service that before today you didn’t realize you couldn’t live without. But what is wrong with that? Isn’t the idea of merchant vendors to bring about cottage industry and old-fashioned capitalism to even the most obscure of niche gatherings?

What an interesting thought. There is a reason – and a good one – for vendors at a festival. They bring the delicious side dishes to the table. At the Tiny House Jamboree I must have walked by the hammock vendor 100 times. It wasn’t until about 84 though that I started thinking how my life would be enhanced by a hammock. I ended up chatting with them for some time and getting one of their cards. Suffice to say, nothing beats a hand woven, nautical style hammock. I even understand some tiny housers to sleep in them nightly!

Perhaps you are one of these vendors? Maybe you have an etsy store you’d like to bring to life as a retail space? Maybe you have a book you have been looking for a venue to sell at? Even beyond that though. Perhaps you are a speaker who is ready to take the stage at a tiny house festival? Or maybe you are a new builder who needs some personalized attention? Or perhaps you have a thriving business and you want to associate your brand and your logo with the highest quality of tiny house festival?

This is your opportunity.

As of today the 2017 TinyHouseNC Street Festival is accepting applications for sponsors, speakers, builders, and vendors. All you have to do is visit the website and fill out an application using the appropriate dropdown. It is going to be an amazing time on a state-level with regional influence(s). You certainly don’t want to miss this chance to be a part of something so small, yet so huge!

To find out more, watch the video below…