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When you have a gypsy soul it’s hard to settle in and call one place home and our very own Jewel Pearson or as she’s known in the tiny house community, Ms. Gypsy Soul knows this too well. A Georgia Peach in her heart, she’s been a Carolina girl this time around since 2013, living in Charlotte where she built her fabulous tiny abode in 2015. It’s a good thing that the tiny house of hers has wheels!

Jewel is an HGTV Tiny House, Big Living alumni and also founded an organization, Tiny House Trailblazers, with colleagues Bonnielee Cuevas of Bohemian EcoLove & Dominique Moody of the N.O.M.A.D Tiny House. These Trailblazers have recently released their 2017 workshop schedule with each workshop being a two-day event for tiny house enthusiasts interested in and planning to join the tiny house movement.

Individually, these three tiny house advocates are powerful and uniquely talented women. Together they share incredibly diverse backgrounds and riveting stories that people find incredibly inspiring and relatable. Jewel invested a year and a half researching and planning all of the details for her tiny home and is happily a year and a half into tiny house living and now speaks throughout the country to educate and to empower, as well as to inspire others to follow their dreams and design a life they love. Bonnielee Cuevas, a single mom who lives in a Bohemian Gambrel Style Tiny House Barn on a 15- acre homestead, is an avid speaker for minimalism, sustainability, and the tiny house movement. She is also an advocate for women and family issues that need awareness and advocacy. She most recently served as a Director for the American Tiny House Association. Dominique Moody is an artist whose tiny house was completed in 2015 after three years of work. Nicknamed the NOMAD, an acronym for “Narrative, Odyssey, Manifesting Artistic Dreams”, her tiny house is a breathtaking work of art and Dominique spends much of her time on the west coast hosting tours, open houses, and workshops.

Their workshop tour is a year-long event with stops at varying cities throughout the US. Each workshop is a 2-day event of educational and informational sessions packed full of everything attendees will need to plan, design and build their own tiny home, as well as prepare for this lifestyle. Expertise, experience, best practices, lessons learned and personal journeys will be shared by tiny house experts, designers, dwellers, and advocates in a fun and interactive setting.

Their first stop is on January 21, 2017 – January 22, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia, with a stop in Charlotte in mid-February. Online registration, additional details and discounted early bird rates are now available on their website. For further inquiries please feel free to contact Bonnielee Cuevas or Jewel Pearson.