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There are a number of tiny houses, small houses, yurts, tents, and other unconventional homes spread throughout North Carolina. The following are just a few to get you inspired and remind you just how dynamic our state is.

Brevard Tiny House Company’s goal is to offer alternative housing options to people who seek more economical and environmentally-friendly dwellings that are as fulfilling as a typical American home. Visit them on the web.

Laura and her partner Matt built a 120 sq.ft. tiny house in a remote part of western North Carolina. They live entirely off-grid and have been documenting their tiny house adventure for years. Visit their website.

The Tiny Home Community Collaborative at the Farm at Penny Lane is a group of organizations in Chatham County who have come together to create unique housing options for individuals living with mental illness. They have recently added their first small home and are well underway in building their community. Find out more from their website.

Wishbone Tiny Homes specializes in the design, construction, or DIY consultation of small spaces for a variety of uses from home, office, or studio, to investment property, man cave or lady lair. They are well represented online.

The Serenity Yurt is a true example of life in the round. An Airbnb rental it is located in a secluded location just 5-10 minutes from restaurants and groceries in Asheville and 15-20 minutes from Biltmore and downtown. You can find out more on their listing.


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