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Nestled on a farm in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina sits a 19th-century farmhouse, a traditional and picturesque barn, and multiple tiny houses including three of the most popular tiny house Airbnb rentals on the East Coast. The farm purveyors – Tom and Johanna Elsner – are the founders and owners of Perch & Nest. Their love for building, design, and reclaiming “what once was” has been a family affair for generations leading the power couple to grow a business specializing in custom carpentry and home restoration. They worked in this space for more than 10 years before becoming smitten with tiny spaces.

In 2014, Perch & Nest was asked to sponsor, host, and mentor Tiny House Expedition (also North Carolinians!). The rest is, well, history…..

After several successful builds, Perch & Nest became well known as craftsmen with an eye for design and detail. They have continued to nurture that reputation and as of late has even cultivated a tiny house farm featuring a series of tiny houses each bearing the title ROOST with a number following that indicates the length of the house. To date (and currently available for rent through Airbnb), there is the ROOST18, ROOST36, and now The Barn Loft. Each one is built to code and professional standards but emphasizes the Elsner’s understanding of the importance of home, family, and “less is more”. Through the years though they have built ROOST18, ROOST20, ROOST24, ROOST26, ROOST30, ROOST32, and the ROOST36. They have been seen on the cover of Tiny House Magazine, at festivals like the 2017 TinyHouseNC Street Festival, the 2018 TinyHouseNC Street Festival, the 2019 OBX Tiny Home Festival, on The Discovery Channel, and in DWELL magazine.



Tom and Johanna have repeatedly said they are honored and grateful to spend their days together designing and constructing practical spaces for others. Being part of each design whether wheeled or revitalized (or revitalized on wheels!) Perch & Nest has allowed their family to work from their farm doing what they love most: building, growing and sharing “home” with others.

You can visit Perch & Nest online to find out more or to schedule an appointment to begin your custom build, LIKE them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, or see their listings on Airbnb.