TinyHouseNC is passionate about being fully engaged with the tiny house community in North Carolina. We want to forge connections with and promote the lives of the community and its members. It isn’t just about building houses but turning them into homes.


Find Affordable Housing In Western Carolina With Yurts And Yomes

Most of Asheville's heavy snowfall had melted off Peter Belt's yome by Monday. The structure of fabric, wood and metal sat gleaming in the sun, and even though outdoor temperatures hovered around freezing, the air inside was gentle. If he were living in this yome — a...

Carolina Girl Blazes Trails And Teaches Workshops

When you have a gypsy soul it’s hard to settle in and call one place home and our very own Jewel Pearson or as she’s known in the tiny house community, Ms. Gypsy Soul knows this too well. A Georgia Peach in her heart, she’s been a Carolina girl this time around since...

Pitt County Struggles To Define Tiny Houses

Brought to our attention by Fountain, NC resident Sophie Szymeczek, it seems early in December 2016, Pitt County commissioners delayed action on amendments to the rules governing tiny houses and recreational vehicles at Monday night's public hearing due to some...

Tumbleweed Elm For Sale In Fayetteville, NC

Life happens. We all know that. In fact, that is one of the primary reasons many of choose the tiny house on wheels lifestyle. When transition comes we can just load up, hitch up, and head out. Sometimes though the place we have been living is far more tolerant and...





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